Material Removal

Roll off dumpster

Landmark Dumpster



Organic yard waste:

7 days, 15 yards, 3 ton maximum, NO TRASH

Brush only (no root ball/soil) $275.00

Brush with roots and some soil $350

Leaves, grass, dirt (no brush, roots balls, or large rocks) $250.00

Mixed loads will be charged $200.00 extra because the load will need to be separated.

Concrete, bricks, asphalt or anything not listed above is not accepted.


Household waste or construction debris:

7 days, 15 yards, 1.5 tons (one and one half tons), NO YARD WASTE. $350.00

Tires, batteries, freon appliances, TV’s or monitors, hazardous waste, etc. not taken, please check with us before loading something if you are unsure.


Nothing can be piled higher than the sides of the container.
Dumpsters can be left onsite for up to 7 days, after 7 days there will be an additional fee of $10.00 per day.