Fall Cleanups

Fall Cleanups Include:LandmarkBlowers

Leaf truck in Westford

  • Cleaning leaves/debris from beds
  • Removing leaves/debris from the lawn
  • Final lawn mowing (where our 60″                                                 mowers can fit)


When doing a fall cleanup we can either blow debris into the woods when there are woods available (no significant piles left), or remove debris from the property (usually at an additional cost). When a quote is given it will be for the most cost effective method of disposal. We may leave all, remove all, or a combination of both depending on the layout of the property.

We will not remove piles we do not create (No “you rake we take” service). This is to make sure that the debris is accessible to the truck and does not contain any sticks, rocks or other debris that can damage our equipment and has not been sitting for an extended time making it more difficult to remove.