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Communication: All requests, questions or service changes should be made with the office in order to allow us to make note of them on your account, and to clearly relay any information to all our work crews.


Scheduling: Our mowing season runs from approximately May 1st to October 31st. All mowing services are scheduled on a weekly reoccurring schedule. We do not schedule bi-weekly lawn mowing. The schedule may be adjusted at our discretion due to weekday holidays, weather conditions or other unforeseen circumstances. If your scheduled service is postponed or interrupted by inclement weather it will be completed as soon as possible.

Pricing method:

Lawn mowing prices are simplified for billing purposes and are determined as an average value for the amount of work done in a year assuming a property will be cut every week during the mowing season. For example, even though a mowing service will remain consistently priced, a lawn will typically take less time to complete in the summer due to drier conditions and slower growth than it will in the spring when lawns are damp, grow faster and require more care and effort in order to complete. This means in order to keep prices constant throughout the year, we effectively take a margin loss in the spring and fall, while during the summer we a achieve a margin that makes up for these losses. If a lawn is skipped, at any point, a service charge will be assessed in order to account for this loss. 

Neglected or Excessive Lawns: Lawns that cannot be completed in a typical manner due to neglect or excessive growth may be charged an additional fee. Also, the service may be rescheduled or canceled at our discretion.


Irrigation: Irrigation should not be completed the night before or on your scheduled service day prior to service completion. We will not skip a property because of wet conditions due to irrigation, and if a lawn is irrigated before mowing it may result in a cut of inferior quality and if done repeatedly may damage the lawn. We may skip part or all of your service if irrigation has caused unsafe mowing conditions.


Inaccessible Areas: Any service area that is deemed inaccessible by our crews will not be completed. If our crews arrive at a property and deem part of it to be inaccessible, the cause will be noted and a service fee will be charged. Some examples of inaccessible yards include locked or broken gates, running irrigation, home maintenance or improvement projects, parties, pesticide flagging, downed limbs, and outdoor pets.


Rescheduling: Any requests for rescheduling should be communicated to the office by email or phone by 4:00 PM on the business day prior to regular service. If you request that we reschedule at the time of service, or if we can’t complete the service for any of the reasons previously listed we may still charge a fee. If possible we will accommodate rescheduling requests, but we do so at our discretion and make no guarantees. We reserve the right to change our schedule at any time in order to create a more efficient route.


Hazards and Damage: Hazards are any of the following located within the area to be serviced: Hoses, cables, rope, clotheslines, cords and wiring, dog runs, toys, bird baths, bird houses, downspouts, construction debris, holiday/yard decorations, valve covers, plastic pools, exposed wiring or components/pipes/conduits that are intended to be buried, incorrectly installed irrigation, and any other obscured or unknown item or danger that is not clearly marked. We will not be responsible for any damage done to or caused by any hazards left within the area to be serviced. Please contact the office in order to make any changes to the area of your lawn you’d like serviced. Any damage you believe has been caused by the work crew should be reported to the office within 24 hours of the service. We will review any damage and if it was caused by our crews or equipment, we will repair or arrange to have it repaired. We will not be responsible for repairs completed prior to proper notification and discussion.


Fuel: A modest surcharge may be assessed if fuel prices increase.


Late Payment: All past due accounts will be subject to a late fee and charged 1.5% per month.


Pets: Pets should be kept inside during service, and all runs and gates should be checked to make sure they were properly secured before letting any pets back outside.

Terms of Service

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