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Brush Mowing

Our brush mower can handle varied terrain without causing significant damage, in fact, we have completed work on conservation lands for both the Town of Littleton and the Town of Westford.  Our mower is 48" wide and will cut grass, Goldenrod, Multiflora Rose, Bittersweet, Japanese Knotweed, and other invasives as well as small trees up to 2.5" in diamter.  Once done, the debris is left where it falls with most of the debris having the appearance of being chipped.  If you have a few things larger than the 2.5" limit of the machine, we can cut those with a chainsaw and chip the limbs.  However, we are not a tree service and do not cut trees as a regular service.  The machine is billed by the hour with a 2-hour minimum.  Depending on the job we can regularly do more in 2 or 3 hours than a walk behind brush mower can do in a full day.  We frequently can cut things that would be impossible to handle with smaller equipment.

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